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Meet Our Senior Staff

Ari Strulowitz | Director
Ari Strulowitz is a true mid-westerner. Having grown up in Chicago, Ari now lives there with his wife Avigayil and their three children. Ari has over 20 years of camping experience. He was head staff at a number of different summer camps before joining the Nageela family. Ari started in Nageela as our Teen Division Head and soon after was promoted to Assistant Director and now is our esteemed Director. Ari was a teacher and continues to have a strong passion for education and of course camping. Ari loves Art, Music, and thoroughly enjoys heading the Camp Nageela Band. Ari’s favorite camp tradition is without question the Tree of Values.

Yisrael Bogopulsky | Director of Development
Yisrael Bogopulsky, or Sruly as his friends call him, may be the newest member of the Camp Nageela team but he brings with him over 10 years of experience in Jewish overnight camping. Originally from San Diego, California, Sruly spurned the beautiful beaches and abundant sunshine for the Midwest after moving to Chicago with his wife and daughters from New York. Sruly hopes to best utilize his excellent interpersonal skills, outgoing personality and a pinch of humor to help build the Nageela brand into one of the most recognizable names in Midwest Jewish Camping.

Frayda Cohen | Assistant Director
Originally from New York, Frayda has become a staple in the Camp Nageela organization. With over a decade worth of experience in Jewish Camping, Frayda works tirelessly for camp, by communicating with families during the year, and planning every summer detail. Frayda also is a teacher and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Education. Frayda’s favorite part of camp is the bonding and friendships that are created in camp and she greatly values all of the wonderful relationship she had created with Jewish families throughout the Midwest.

Aliza Berman | Office Manager of Customer Experience
Aliza Berman hails from Denver, but moved to Chicago to complete her BA in speech. Aliza has been going to camp almost every summer since she was very young, be it day camps or overnight camps, and she was later staff for both. She enjoys singing, dancing and anything musical. New to the Nageela family, Aliza is the friendly voice that so many campers, parents and staff hear when they call the Chicago Office. Aliza makes it a priority to ensure that everyone that calls gets the information they need accurately and quickly. She is the life engine of the office and loves what she does. Aliza is looking forward to doing her part in ensuring that every Nageela camper gets the safe and fun experience they deserve.

Chaya Rubin | Assistant Director of Programming, Girls
Chaya Rubin, a born and bred Detroiter, is the Assistant Director of Programming for Camp Nageela Midwest Girls. After 5 years of living in Israel with her husband Avi, the Rubin's moved to Pinsk Belarus where they spent 3 years as dorm-parents, teachers, and camp Directors. Chaya brings many years of leadership and organizational experience to Camp Nageela, as well as a vivacious personality that makes her relatable to people of all ages and stages. Currently, Chaya is a respected educator in the Detroit community, teaching in a local High School and offering many Jewish Educational opportunities to women of all ages.

Rivki Cherrick | Director of Creative Programming, Girls
Rivki Cherrick has been a part of the tremendous growth of Nageela and specifically its year-round programming since year 3. As a passionate and dedicated Hebrew school teacher, Rivki was interested in bringing Judaism outside the classroom for her students who were looking forward to ‘graduating’ Hebrew school with their bnei mitzvah celebrations. Rivki brought those students to the first ever Camp Nageela Midwest Shabbaton and the rest is history! Rivki currently runs the popular Nageela Sisters monthly programs and our creative programming for the girls camp. Looking for Rivki in camp? Never a problem- Rivki is easily spotted in camp with her unique novelty gear and costumes that are topped only by her boundless energy that she invests into the program.

Michael Rovinsky | Director of Campers, Boys 
Michael Rovinsky of St. Louis, MO is the Director of Campers of CNM Boys. Mike, as he is known, is originally from Dallas, Texas, and is the director of St. Louis NCSY as well as a certified Mohel who has performed thousands of circumcisions. Mike has years of camping experience and has coordinated programs for thousands of children and adults. Mike takes a personal interest in each and every camper and helps ease adjustments to camp life. Mike is also the parent liaison for parents that have questions about their son(s) in camp.

Mrs Kraindel Pinkus | Director of Campers, Girls
Mrs Kraindel Pinkus of Chicago, Illinois is the Director of Campers of CNM Girls. Over the past 35 years, Mrs. Pinkus has been involved with many organizations, educating and assisting thousands of children and adults. In camp, Mrs. Pinkus works with each girl individually to ease adjustments to camp life and maximize every child’s success in camp. Mrs. Pinkus also works as the parent liaison for parents about their daughter(s) in camp.