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Camp Nageela Open House

A Nageela open house is hosted
by a current or potential camp family


The Open House is geared for both Girls and Boys Camp. They are casual info sessions where families have the opportunity to learn about Camp Nageela.


An Open House may be hosted by one family or co-hosted by two or more families. The host family receives $300 off of their camper’s tuition. If the Open House is co-hosted, each co-host receives $200 off of their camper’s tuition for information on hosting with multiple families please contact Frayda Cohen at 773.604.4400.


What are my responsibilities as a host?

As an Open House host, you will be asked to suggest 2-3 dates between Oct. 1st and Dec. 15th along with times that are convenient for you. Once the date and time is finalized that’s when the marketing component kicks in! Many hosts market their event through social media or create an evite to inform people in their area that they are hosting a Nageela open house. Feel free to do whatever works well for you!

If you are hosting solo, the goal would be to bring a minimum of 5 potential camp families to the open house. If you have decided to host with a friend, each of you would be expected to bring at least 4 potential families to the open house. After the open house we ask that you please supply us with contact info for all attendees.


Anything else I should know?

Nope! We will take care of the rest! Our representatives will bring promotional items, a promo video, and any light refreshments that will be prearranged with you prior to the event.