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Theme Days

There is never a dull moment in Camp Nageela!


Throughout the summer, different days revolve around different themes creating an added excitement! There is never a dull moment in Camp Nageela!

Night Activities: Camp Nageela is famous for its exciting and innovative night activities. Every night campers are treated to a unique and thrilling night activity. Every year features some annual favorites and some new surprises. Performers! Plays! “Switch!” Capture the Flag! Carnivals! WaCKy Races! Night Swim! Night Leagues! Cookouts! Bonfires!

Color War: Towards the end of each camp session (on an undisclosed day!), the entire camp is divided into 2 teams, each under the banner of a different color, for a fun-filled, action-packed, two-day Color War! From creative plays to sports to songs to WaCKy races and much more, Color War is the opportunity for our campers to express themselves and shine in new ways. Color War is one of the highlights of our campers’ summers.

Wacky Bunk Competitions:
Join your bunk in some friendly but wacky inter-bunk competitions that are guaranteed to knock your socks off. And you thought meal time was just for eating…